The Relationship between Stroke History and Patient Independence
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Study. Self efficacy, Stroke.

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Widakdo, G., Naryati, Nuraenah, Aisyah, Kusumo Waluyo, I., Dian Rusdiana, & Fathia Inasya Ayuningtyas. (2024). The Relationship between Stroke History and Patient Independence. HEALTH CARE: JURNAL KESEHATAN, 12(2), 303-312.


The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between stroke history and self efficacy patient at the Jakarta Islamic Hospital. The method used is descriptive analytic with a cross-sectional approach. Multiple logistic regression analysis (multivariate) showed  that patients with recurrent strokes are at risk of decreasing independence by 3.95 times compared to patients with first strokes.. Conclusion: there is a relationship between history of stroke and self efficacy after controlling for the patient's age, gender and cognitive problems. Stroke patients with a history of first-time attacks can anticipate and prevent recurrent strokes from various factors that cause them in order to reduce the decline in its independence.
pdf (Bahasa Indonesia)
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