Guidelines for Authors


Health Care: Jurnal Kesehatan is a journal of scientific publications published every six months using a peer review system for article selection. Health Care: Jurnal Kesehatan intended for practitioners, academics, professionals, students or among the general public who are involved and interested in the development of Health Science. It can receive relevant articles in the field of health.

General Instructions

The articles received are original works, have not been and/ or are in the process of being published in other journals, all articles have been approved by the ethics committee and articles involving human subjects have obtained informed consent and written following the American Psychological Association (APA) Edition 6 of 2009. The author should ensure that all co- authors have agreed. All articles will be discussed and reviewed by experts and editorial boards. Articles that need improvement or revision will be returned to the author.

Writing Article

The Articles should be written in Bahasa and are written using Times New Roman font, size 12 with space 1. Distance of left edge 4 cm, right edge 3 cm, edge above 3 cm and bottom edge 3 cm. Article lengths of maximum 15 pages. Article submitted in the form of layout provided (link layout). The article which contains two references from Health Care: Jurnal Kesehatan with Google scholar will be prioritized to be published. Each page is numbered in sequence from the title page to the last page.

Structure Writing

The structure of writing in Health Care: Jurnal Kesehatan is as follows: Judul, abstrak bahasa inggris, abstrak bahasa Indonesia, keywords, pendahuluan, metode penelitian, hasil dan pembahasan, simpulan, ucapan terimakasih dan daftar pustaka.


Written in capital letters with font times news roman 14 bold (maximum 12 words)


Abstracts are written in English and Indonesian (except for articles written in English) which contain the main issues, research objectives, methods/approaches and research results. Abstract is written in one paragraph, no more than 200 words. (Times New Roman 11, single spaced, and italicized), up to 1 page


Maximum of 5 keywords separated by commas, (according to the scope of articles and journals). [Times New Roman 11 single spaced font, and italic]


The introduction includes the background on a problem as well as the urgency and rationalization of activities (research or community service). The purpose of the activity and the problem solving plan are presented in this section. Relevant literature review and hypothesis development are included in this section. [Times New Roman, 12, normal] Page percentage between 10-15% of total words, single space.


The research method describes the approach, activity design, scope or object, main materials and tools, location, data collection techniques, operational definitions of research variables, and analysis techniques. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space.

Results and Discussion

This section presents the research results. Research results can be supplemented with tables, graphs (pictures), and/or charts. The discussion section describes the results of data processing, interprets the findings logically, links them to relevant reference sources. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space. PNG/JPG image format.


The conclusion contains a brief summary of the results of the research and discussion. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space.


Contains acknowledgments to funding agencies/individuals, and/or those who have assisted in conducting research and writing manuscripts as well as the author's affiliated institutions. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space.


Writing manuscripts and citations referred to in this manuscript is recommended to use reference applications such as Mendeley and Endnote. Articles must refer to a minimum of 5-15 journals and two articles in JURNAL HEALTH CARE [Times New Roman, 12, normal], space 1. Bibliography Using APA 6th Style.