Effectiveness of Range of Motion Exercises in the Upper Extremities on Muscle Strength in Post-Acute Stroke Patients
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Priska, E. (2024). Effectiveness of Range of Motion Exercises in the Upper Extremities on Muscle Strength in Post-Acute Stroke Patients. HEALTH CARE: JURNAL KESEHATAN, 12(2), 363-369. https://doi.org/10.36763/healthcare.v12i2.404


Stroke is a clinical syndrome of disorders of brain function partly or wholly caused by interruption of blood supply to the brain. Stroke can affect bodily functions, such as motor deficits in the form hemiparese (weakness of one side of the body) a good treatment of the condition hemiparese can help prevent complications, improve patients' ability in performing daily activities and improve the quality of life of patients. Treatment can be given to the form of Exercise Range Of Motion (ROM). Range Of Motion Exercise is an exercise isotonis used to prevent muscle contractures or the occurrence of atrophy, maintains muscle tone, strength and muscle function and prevent its problems occur due to reduced movement. This study aims to identify the effectiveness of the Range Of Motion exercise on upper limb of muscle strength in patients with post stroke in the Neurology Hospital Room Melati Perbaungan.. This research using this type of study Quasi-Experimental pre and post test without a control group. The population in this study were all post-acute stroke patients who experience muscular weakness. The number of samples in this study as many as 10 people, the sampling technique is done by using purposive sampling. Range Of Motion Exercises are given as much as 2 times a day for a week. Evaluation research conducted on the first day and seventh for the group. The collected data were analyzed using paired t test test using a computerized program with α = 0.05. The results showed upper limb muscle strength increased significantly (p = 0.000) after being given a workout with an average increase of 0.90. This means Range Of Motion exercise effective against the increase in muscle strength of patients after stroke. This study suggested to the nurse to provide training for Range Of Motion as a standalone intervention nurses in nursing care of stroke patients.

Keywords: Range Of Motion Exercises, Muscle Strength, Post Stroke Patients

pdf (Bahasa Indonesia)
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