Stigma Masyarakat Melayu terhadap Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa
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safitri, atika ulfa, Fathra Annis Nauli, & Jumaini , J. (2022). Stigma Masyarakat Melayu terhadap Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa. HEALTH CARE: JURNAL KESEHATAN, 11(1), 78-86.



Introduction: Stigma in society is one of the inhibiting factors in healing people with mental disorders, this is due to the socio-cultural nature of Indonesian society such as the Riau Malay community. This study aims to see the stigma of the Malay community towards people with mental disorders. Methodology: This research is descriptive research. The sample in this study was the Malay community with a total of 280 people and recruited by purposive sampling method. The data collection method uses a community attitude towards the mental illness (CAMI III) questionnaire which is conducted online. Results: This study shows that the majority of respondents are 17-25 years old (27.9%), with the highest gender being male (52.1%), and the last education is SMA/equivalent (48.9%). The image of the community's stigma against ODGJ is that the Malay community is pro against 3 dimensions, namely authoritarianism (55%), virtue (56.1%), and social restrictions (50.7%), while contra with 1 dimension, namely the ideology of the mental health community (52 ,1%). Conclution: The results of this study indicate that the Malay community is pro against 3 dimensions and contra against 1 dimension, namely community ideology. The researcher hopes that this research can be useful for the Malay community as an evaluation of the ideological dimensions of the mental health community.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)


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